Making Histories

Migration is part of the UK's history. Let's celebrate it!

This learning resource looks at migration, history and cultural identity and is designed for all children and young people.

The fun-to-use videos, audio recordings and interactive timeline will bring discussions about migration history to life, encouraging students to think about their own families’ journeys.

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Race Card

Runnymede has launched a news website called Race Card, offering you the latest comment and analysis on race equality stories.

Race Card provides a space where a diverse set of voices can speak honestly about race. It is produced by a mixture of journalists, bloggers, politicians and academics. Race Card equips you with analysis and data to tackle enduring racial inequality in the UK.

Visit the website here.

Teaching Resource

Belonging: A Cross-curriculum Learning Experience for Key Stage 3

This series of lessons has been specifically designed to accompany a selection of the Belonging films.

Together, the film selection and the lessons, provide a broad cross-curriculum experience for young people in Key Stage 3.

Romans Revealed

In partnership with the University of Reading, Runnymede has launched a new website called Romans Revealed, which looks at just how diverse Roman Britain was.

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Nurturing The Nation

Runnymede has released a new book called 'Nurturing the Nation: The Asian contribution to the NHS since 1948', which looks at the lives and careers of Asian employees at all levels of the NHS.

The book is available to download for free from the Nurturing The Nation website.

New Muslims

Muslims are not all stereotypes!

Runnymede has launched 'The New Muslims'. The report examines the wide range of Muslim identities in the UK through looking at a number of factors, including changing demographics, Muslims in the army, Muslims in the media and youth culture. This failure to understand diversity among Muslims leads to ill-thought out government policy

Learn more about the the report here.


Runnymede is the UK’s leading independent race equality thinktank. We generate intelligence for a multi-ethnic Britain through research, network building, leading debate, and policy engagement

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  The New Muslims


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Latest News

The Runnymede Trust, the UK's leading independent race equality think tank, is to re-focus on research based interventions in social policy and practice.

We are greatly saddened to hear of Stuart Hall's passing. He was and remains a huge inspiration for all of Runnymede's work.

Read some thoughts from us here.

Runnymede's new Race Equality Scorecard research has been released. The research on the boroughs of Kingston, Redbridge and Croydon has found that black and Asian residents are at higher risks of being homeless or living in overcrowded residences than their white counterparts.